“Yes...and” is not only the cardinal rule of improv. Nicole Frier of Second City taught a class for the women of Ellevate last night on how the tenets of improv, connection, flexibility and understanding of goals, can help us create meaningful connections in networking.

Ellevate members were lead by Nicole in a series of fun improv games like One Word Story and String of Pearls that taught the participants through these exercises how to more easily connect with strangers and increase their confidence in networking spaces. Some tips included, your third idea is your best idea, to walk taller, and to not disqualify what you’re good at.

Our favorite part of the event was the end when the women went around the room and named the things they were good at which ranged from interior design to making apple pie to being a good listener. For many women, the downplaying of our talents and strengths has become second nature. It was so rewarding to be witness to a group of women saying, “Yes I am good at this… and”

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