Chicago Ideas: Fighting Fire with Funny
 LabLabs bring together small groups for an exclusive, first-hand look into what happens behind the scenes at some of the most innovative companies, community leaders and institutions around Chicago.

How can we use humor to stop oppression rather than perpetuate it? What is "rape culture" and when (if ever) are jokes about these kinds of subjects appropriate? Take a thought-provoking and surprisingly funny look at the world of comedy during the #metoo movement with Dr. Gail Stern, the founder of Catharsis Labs, who combines her academic research with her experience in both victim advocacy and stand-up comedy. After learning more about humor's impact, and how to dissect a joke so that you can write better comedy yourself, we'll break into smaller groups to practice how to challenge problematic humor that minimizes subjects like sexual assault by engaging the joke-teller with compassion, accountability and even humor.


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