EvolveHer Future Launch Event powered by Girlspeak

2 hour program for girls to get together, talk about issues important to them and learn how to be effective communicators through public speaking training activities. This program's content is targeted towards 6-8th grade girls.

The theme for this session is EMPATHY: Why Being Emotional Is a Strength Not a Weakness. We’ll talk about empathy and practice using our emotions to help convey information when we’re speaking publicly – session includes real time practice and real time feedback!

Have you ever been told, “stop being so emotional”? Yea, we feel that way when we hear it too. Did you know that the ability to be empathetic and in touch with one’s emotions is a sign of high emotional intelligence? A Harvard study found that women are more likely than men to show empathy as a strength, demonstrate strong ability in conflict management, show skills in influence and have a sense of self-awareness.

$60/per ticket


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