METOO Circle

#MeToo. #TimesUp.

These movements are responsible for bringing the conversation of harassment into the center of public life. Now what do we do with these hashtags?

Ms. Tech invites you to a sharing space, the #MeToo Circle. When one person shares their story, thoughts, or perspective it creates permission for another to do the same. Together we can make an impact.

Our #MeToo Circle will be open to all topics surrounding the movement, including:
- What has the #MeToo Movement meant to you?
- What does it mean to trust others who share experiences of harassment or violence?
- What can we learn from #MeToo?
- How do gender norms and expectations affect men and boys?
- What would a workplace free from gender bias look like?
- How do generational or cultural norms affect how we think of sexual harassment?
- What can we do to create equality in the workplace and beyond?

Our circle is based on the core values of Ms. Tech: responsibility, collaboration, listening, courage, autonomy, and connection. We welcome women to attend who are ready to support other women by listening and those who have something to say but are looking for the right place to open up.

This is a confidential space where each person will have the opportunity to verbally share thoughts and personal experiences about the #MeToo Movement and what it has stirred up or awakened in them. During a share, the rest of the circle will listen and hold space in silence. Only share if you are called to. Listening and being present for one another is also considered participation. This will be a facilitated circle limited to a small group of woman.

The goal of this circle is to encourage expression and connections between each other and to develop community through our voices, presence, and intentional listening. When we hold space for each other’s vulnerability, a shift is inevitable.


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