About the Breakfast and Learn: 

We'll ask you a few questions leading up to this breakfast to pair you with people who will make good potential friends, colleagues and workout buddies. Then, at the breakfast you'll be grouped with your friends and it's your task to figure out why. #everythingisbetterwithfriends

KitchFix will provide breakfast AND - bonus - they're packing you lunch like you always wish someone else would do. 

About #SweatworkingWeek:

What's #SweatworkingWeek? We always say that it's like restaurant week for fitness. It's a week that's built to help you try new things and meet new people. To do that, we create a schedule and we challenge you to get out of your comfort zone, making it easy to make friends along the way.

Each time we host #SweatworkingWeek, it changes, it evolves. This - the fifth edition - is no different. June 4-9, you'll experience a true celebration of #SummerTimeChi.

See the full schedule here: https://asweatlife.com/sweatworkingWeek/



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