InvolveHim: An EvolveHer workshop, Powered by Wet Cement & B2 Advisors

It’s a remarkable time in the evolution of our workforce.  Women are speaking up, and the #metoo movement has uncovered multiple areas for change.  And many of you have asked, "how can I help drive equality for women in the workplace to better empower and support them?" We've created a platform to involve and engage men in this conversation and we hope you will join us for this exclusive event.

Introducing InvolveHim

On June 26, we will host the first InvolveHim event that will help you understand the relevancy of your participation in this movement for change.  You are invited to be a part of this initial small group of male business leaders and change agents, where we share insights into topics like "Imposter Syndrome" and gender microaggressions, and the impact these can have on your overall team’s success. This is your opportunity to be a "Founding Member" of the InvolveHim Program. Not only will you gain a deeper understanding of the barriers holding back women on your team, but you will also learn strategies and techniques that can be used immediately to impact their success, along with the rest of your team. 


  • Understand how confidence is a barrier for women's advancement on numerous levels--and what you can do to help boost the confidence of the women on your team, so they are more productive and effective.

  • Learn how communication challenges stunt collaboration and confidence--and how you can help the women on your team share their ideas in a more assertive manner.

  • Learn how to design a strategic, personal "Board of Directors"--which will help the women in your organization obtain the mentoring, networking and guidance they need to excel while helping you super-charge your own career at the same time.  

  • Have honest conversations and network with other male leaders like you, in an effort to create collaborative cultures that drive happy employees and the bottom-line.

Who is Wet Cement?

Jennifer Willey—is the Founder of Wet Cement, a premiere Consulting, Coaching and Training firm based in New York/New Jersey and serving clients nationally. She is the host of the “Fearless in 5” Series (check it out here) and a sought-after global keynote speaker.

Fearless in 5 link:

Over the past decade, Jenn’s passion has been advancing women in business while climbing the corporate ladder.  She is the Founder and Chairperson of the WebMD Women's Leadership Network, a founding member of the AOL (now Oath) Women's Network, served on the Board of the Alliance for Women in Media, a C-sweetener Mentor for Executive women in Health Tech, and volunteers as the Expert Sales and Communications Trainer for Rent the Runway/UBS’s not-for-profit “Project Entrepreneur.”

A career as a TV News Anchor and Reporter transformed into being an innovator in technology and media.  Jennifer Willey has led teams across strategy, marketing, and business development at leaders like PricewaterhouseCoopers, Oath/AOL, Yahoo! and WebMD, as well as start-ups like Everyday Health and Sharecare.  This resulted in her unique ability to communicate with confidence, uncover business challenges and find solutions, build strategic partnerships, develop talent and tell stories to change mindsets and behavior.  

Now she uses her talent to help both women and men achieve their potential together through Wet Cement’s Gender Equity Programs and is excited to launch “InvolveHim” exclusively at EvolveHer in Chicago.


Cocktails and Appetizers will be served.

Ticket Cost: $50



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