Advance Women at WorkShop

Did you know that 4 out of 5 male leaders say a lack of confidence is the biggest barrier holding back women from climbing the corporate ladder?


Or that there are simple ways to communicate in a more assertive, clear and direct way to be heard… and stop the interruptions?

Or that 80%+ of leadership roles are held by men, because they approach networking and building their ‘Personal Board of Directors’ to help them achieve their business goals differently than women?

What would it be worth to you, if you could steal a few pages from the ‘Guys’ Playbook’ and learn how to confidently communicate and build connections to drive your career?

Find out at a new inspiring and interactive “Advance Women at WorkShop” being offered exclusively at EvolveHer in Chicago this June.

You’ll hear the latest research on the top barriers for women in business today and unlock how you can address and overcome these issues to achieve your potential.  Wet Cement CEO and “Fearless in 5” Creator Jennifer Willey will share the 5 key fundamentals that will help you thrive at work and in life. Topics include communication, confidence, connections/networking, control and courage to pursue your dreams.  

You will leave with:

1. More confidence about your strengths and abilities, and clarity on what skills you need to develop.

2. Clarity on how your communication is impacting your work… and ways to overcome interruptions at work.

3.  A roadmap on how to advance your career by developing a “Personal Board of Directors," including who to ask, how you build those relationships and what to do to maximize those relationships to transform your personal and professional life.


Whether you are climbing the corporate ladder or building your own business, you will walk away with new insights, skills and methods to make you more successful the very next day. And you'll get to network with some fabulous women to boot!

Join us on Tuesday, June 26th for this special breakfast session. Breakfast will be provided

Limited availability--Register here to reserve your space!

Only $50 for EvolveHer Members, $75 for non-members.


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