The Mona Method: Redefining Your Feminine Vibrance by Taking Control of Your Hormones

Hermona Box was mindfully crafted by women, for women. By integrating the studies of nutrigenomics + functional medicine, their boxes are designed to bring balance + harmony to your hormones, the natural way. The boxes have been carefully curated to carry women through each phase of their journey- from menstruation to coming off of birth control, to pregnancy, motherhood + menopause.

Join the company’s founders Megan Cooper + Casey Caruso for a Q+A, informational panel, where they will do a deep dive into women’s health + wellness. They will share their personal journeys that led them to create this hormone-centric brand, the reasoning behind the products in each box, as well as an exclusive offer for attendees! The night will be packed with resources, knowledge, food + drink, goodies + of course, a ton of fun. You will walk away with empowering insight into optimizing your hormones for vitality + be ready to take control of your femininity. Trust us, you won’t want to miss this one!  




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