Meditation, Drums and Tea Leaf Reading

3 experiences, one night!

LGBTQ Females and female allies, Join us at for an Evening of Meditation, Drums and Leaf Tea Reading!

Early Bird Tickets until July 3rd - $15 

Standard Tickets - $26.50

We are so pleased to have Romy Pereiram founder of KITH + KINjoining us with one of her fabulous workshops: Tea Leaf Reading and our wonderful friend, and coach Kelsey Mathes, founder of Kam Meditation with Kelsey Mathes who will be leading a Mediation class for Real Human how hustl, and the amazing Jen Halman, who will delight us with her movement, Rhythm and expression through her drumming.


An evening of connecting and engaging with other great women. Through our special Speed Conversations, you'll connect, have wonderful, real conversations with other amazing women. YES, you'll have tons of fun as you make new friends to develop personal and professional relationships.

You'll enjoy Appetizers, beverages, and Music to nourish your body.

The 10% of the final tickets sales will go towards an LGBTQ non-profit.
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KITH + KIN Tea Events is a platform for people to discover the joy and connection that tea brings.

Romy Pereira is a third-generation tea entrepreneur with a passion for tea, food, and service. She brings 12+ years of experience in food, fine dining and tea to the table to create the most beautiful celebrations and valuable experiences.

KITH + KIN Tea Events vision is to provide highly curated experiences that delight all senses with a minimalist approach and focus on food and beverage. . At KITH + KIN our mission is to make tea cool, and one of our core beliefs is that some “traditional rules” have to be broken.

Kam Meditation by Kelsey Mathes

Kelsey Mathes is a Meditation Teacher, "Uplift Your Life" Coach, and Real-Actual-Human... and I'm dedicated to helping you achieve daily Bliss through balance.

She believes that through using the ancient, tried-and-true techniques of Vedic Meditation, proper diet for your body type, and support in simple lifestyle adjustments, from the tried-and-true philosophies of Traditional Chinese Medicine & Ayurveda, we can truly up-level our lives.

She knows this because she has been there herself (hellooooo panic attacks!), and had helped hundreds of clients improve their health, sleep, and productivity using these tools.

If you're a busy human with a busy brain and want to learn more about achieving a happier hustle, this is your chance to come and experience her unique meditation practice


Jen Halman has been a lover of Rhythm since she began dancing at the park district overlooking the lake on North side of Chicago since she was three. Her love of music and movement comes from the influence of her grandmother Estelle, a professional dancer and Original ADORABLE at the Chicago theater.

In 2003, Jen had the experience of traveling to the Amazon Rainforest to teach science. She was immediately drawn to the natives and their ritualistic dancing in circles of women. While at Columbia College for movement and performance art studies, she began taking West African Dance and Drumming classes and learned many Rhythms from Senegal, Guinea, the Ivory Coast and Mali. She facilitates healing Rhythm circles using djembes and other West African instruments in and around the Chicago land area. She feels the importance of bringing women together to share and heal through movement, Rhythm and expression.

Kam Meditation with Kelsey Mathes
Breeze Art Creatives
Little Gay Book, LLC


Windy City Times

LGBTQ Female Event and female allies

Partner opportunites available. email at: [email protected]

At Women2Women, We curate experiences for our LGBTQ Females to connect and build new personal and/or professional relationships.

We believe in the power of understanding, collaboration, and love to spread equality. By building alliances between women who love women, we strengthen a fearless love to our everyday lives, our relationships and our presence in our LGBTQ community. W2W is a safe space to share our journeys and build new personal and professional relationships to create new collaborations, partnerships to grow together.

W2W events are alcohol-free.

We believe in the power of connecting and engaging with other human beings without any other kind of stimulants. It will open the space to be present, to develop genuine connections that have substance and it will be based on your personal and professional values and interests.

W2W is created for Professional, Career-focused, Growth-mindset LGBTQ females.


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