What aspect of marketing do you find the most challenging? If you’re like most marketers, there are several areas. Some of the most common challenges today include segmenting your ideal audience, drafting effective campaigns, proving ROI on your activities, deliver quality leads, finding insights from your marketing and customer data, securing a marketing budget, managing your site and identifying the right technology to meet your needs. 
We will discuss more in detail on how to find insights from your marketing data, which could help you in all other challenging areas. 
To start with we will walk through various tools and platforms available to collect meaningful analytics data from your website, social media, email campaigns and landing pages. The data & your analytics platform should help you to ask the right questions to devise a strong marketing strategy.
Once we have an effective marketing strategy, you would need to automate your marketing process right from campaigns(social media, emails, landing pages) to sending leads to your CRM for conversion. Complete marketing automation could get very expensive, but there are ways to implement partial automation based on your budget. Let's discuss our automation options in the context of eCommerce.
Please prepare the list of your pain points, time-consuming manual tasks, the challenging and repetitive task in marketing.
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