You Need & Deserve a Break!
Focus: Career Breaks: How to know if you need one, Why they are critical for your success and How to slay your own career break.

Q:  What is a career break?

A:  A career break is an immensely rewarding period of unemployment taken for personal and/or professional development. Typical career breaks last anywhere from one month to two years.

Q: What can I do on a career break? 

A:  Anything you want!  Take a cooking class in Paris, climb a mountain in Nepal, become a certified yoga instructor, take a road trip through the U.S. or spend quality time at home with loved ones.

Curious if a career break or sabbatical might be just what you need? Or maybe you've already thought about taking a break. Your heart says yes but your brain says no way.

I've got you.


Join Katrina McGhee as she shares her own story plus client stories as real-life examples on how she came to realize she needed a break - How she set her goal, saved $40k in 18 months, planned the break of her dreams and then how she nailed the return by landing 5 jobs offerings in 5 weeks. 
Throughout the talk Katrina will share her advice and tools for creating a successful break (saving big money, planning the break of your dreams and how to orchestrate a smooth return to the working world) and interweave her own personal story as an example throughout.
5:30p-6p: Check-in Introductions/Mingling 
6p-7:15p: Discussion 
7:30p-7:45p: Questions
*Drinks and Light Bites Provided 



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