Wellness in Your *REAL* Life w/ A SWEAT LIFE x EVOLVEHER

At aSweatLife, weekly brainstorms are part of the norm. We lean on each team members’ unique perspectives to dream up big ideas, come up with practical applications and push ourselves to never rest on our laurels, but always strive for the next new, exciting thing.

And, if you couldn’t guess by the number of #SweatworkingWeeks – each a little bigger and crazier than the one before it – or any other large-scale events we’ve hosted, we love the idea that if it scares us, we should probably try to do it.

During our last #SweatworkingWeek, we hosted breakfast-and-learns each day in which we got to meet before work and talk about anything from making friends to goal setting to financial fitness. We had breakfast together, learned something new, sparked new conversation and headed into the workday feeling productive and connected – all by 8 am.

Starting August 16, we’re bringing the breakfast-and-learn back at evolveHer, a gorgeous co-working space for women in the heart of River North. We’ll be back every third Thursday (September 20, October 18, November 15 and December 20) for the rest of the year with a different theme.

September theme? “Wellness in Your *REAL* Life.” The term “wellness” often goes hand-in-hand with feelings of “should” — but with busy lives and an ever-changing to-do list, prioritizing your personal health and wellness can feel unattainable. We'll offer ways to approach wellness in a real-life, actionable way versus that pie in the sky. We'll touch on productivity in the workplace, the power of positive psychology, mindfulness, setting intentions, and the value of "better-than-nothing goals" - and how they all contribute to feeling like your best self in and out of the office. 

Plus, you’ll get breakfast from Kitchfix AND a lunch to take to work with you!

All that we ask is that you come with an open mind, ready to try something new, hear a new idea, and maybe make a friend or two.


What are the details of this thing?

When: Thursday, September 20th

What time: 7-8 am

Where: evolveHer, 358 W. Ontario St

Where to grab tickets:

EH Members - Click on the "Get Ticket Here" Button (sign up ASAP as this event will sell out!) 

Non- Members - Purchase Link HERE


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