AJILLA: Passion. Purpose. Potential.

Ajilla is my moms “oriki” or nickname. In Nigeria, an oriki is a name given to a child by the family to describe what they want to happen in the child’s future.

Ajilla means walking in wealth. As I reflect on the name and it’s meaning, I’m reminded that wealth is not limited to money, but you’re also wealthy when you’re walking in your purpose and living a fulfilling life.

Are you walking in your “wealth”?

Join us on October 20th to inspire and be inspired!

Great event planned with SPEAKERS, PANELEST and other INSPIRATIONAL GUESTS. Agenda is a follows:

  • Registration
  • Meet and Greet
  • Opening Poem - Boomie Bol
  • Welcome and Opening Remarks – Ayo Dahunsi
  • Let's Talk about PURPOSE - Peju Akintorin
  • Panel Discussion on PASSION and PURPOSE: Dr. Titilope Fasipe, Yele Dada, Mona Asra, Takiyah Wallace, Moderated by Chioma George
  • The PROCESS – Dr. Shola Ezekoli and Gbenga Adenuga, Moderated by Irene Amu
  • The POTENTIAL - Interactive workshops led by Bade Dahunsi, Dr. Teju Adesida, Dr. Shola Ezekoli, Dr. Titilope Ishola, Lande Sanusi and Gbenga Adenuga

About our Speakers:

  • Gbenga Adenuga - Serial Entreprenuer
  • Teju Adesida - Artistic Director
  • Folake Amu - Corporate Executive
  • Peju Akintorin - Talent Management and Diversity and Inclusion Advisor
  • Mona Asra - Diversity and Inclusion Expert
  • Boomie Bol - Writer and Poet
  • Yele Dada - Motivational Speaker
  • Bade Dahunsi - Executive Leader and Financial Coach
  • Shola Ezekoli - Life and Wellness Expert
  • Titilope Fasipe - Medical Doctor
  • Chioma George - Entreprenuer and Motivational Speaker
  • Lande Sanusi - Serial Entreprenuer
  • Peace Udechukwu - Executive Director
  • Takiyah Wallace - Serial Entreprenuer and Educator
  • PLUS many others!





**Ajilla Foundation is a 501c3 tax-exempt organization**


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