Six Degrees Society Chicago x LUNA Bar Present Your Worth Is Worth Negotiating

What's Happening?

Negotiation. Just hearing the word can evoke emotions of fear, low confidence and nerves. When was the last time you negotiated and advocated your worth? Was it with a client on your hourly rates? Was it for a raise at your current job or perhaps for a starting salary for a new one? Negotiating your worth is intimidating, overwhelming and something that women don't do enough.

Six Degrees Society LA is thrilled to be partnering with LUNA® Bar  to help share tips and tools on how to negotiate because we believe that your worth is worth negotiating and you should, too. We're bringing together a panel of inspiring women that have all negotiated hard to get their names out there, voices heard and their brands recognized. The panel will be moderated by Six Degrees Society Founder Emily Merrell and energy will be fueled by LUNA Bar. Meet our panelists below!



Before we sit down for our programming, at Six Degrees Society we believe that networking should be easy! We'll curated two people for you to meet for15 minutes each. These matches are based on bios submitted pre-event. 



Light bites and refreshments throughout the night! 



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Meet Your Panelis! 



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