Monthly Member Happy Hour

Every month we'll bring our members together for a mix & mingle style happy hour. Enjoy an evening of drinks on us while connecting with other EvolveHer Members. 

Please RSVP! 

*Members are allowed to bring 1 guest to the October Happy Hour :) 




Holly & Tanager will be there selling their products! 

In the late ’90s, Holly & Tanager were the actual crossroads where Lindsay Lingle learned her first lessons about business: create a product that’s in demand and exceeds expectations, and you’ll be successful. Granted her first product was lemonade, but it inspired within her a desire to create products that people would enjoy — and were also really needed. Like a cool glass of lemonade on a hot afternoon, Holly & Tanager handbags are a refreshing blend of fashion and function, lovingly made and designed to stand the test of time.

Today, Holly & Tanager is where Lindsay’s star power intersects with the business savvy of her partner, Kathryn Traut. It’s a friendship forged through long hours working in product marketing and business analysis, and a partnership fastened together by an entrepreneurial spirit, girl power and premium hardware.

Holly & Tanager is a brand that’s made by women, for women, because we believe women really do deserve the best of both worlds. Without ever sacrificing fashion for function, our timeless designs display a bold desire to accommodate a woman’s lifestyle effortlessly, day after day.

At Holly & Tanager, we take tremendous pride in our creations and it’s our greatest hope that our handbags will become an everyday luxury that you simply cannot imagine living a day without.

Holly & Tanager. Extraordinary everyday handbags you don’t see every day.


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