Monthly Member Breakfast

Join us for December 18th for our Member Breakfast hosted by our member Bella Fritsch.  Start your morning with thoughtful conversation & a healthy breakfast. Member breakfasts are a great time to meet other members and share your personal brand story! All membership levels are welcome!  


Bella will be bringing in Brazilian style food to compliment her pop for the day! 

  • Fresh Brewed Brazilian Coffee, Grown in Minas Gerais and roasted right here in US
  • Fresh cut Lemon Grass tea, traditionally grown in most Brazilian tropical backyards
  • Açai Juice our most popular super fruit from the Amazon rain forest
  • Tropical flavored water with, pineapple, passion fruit and mint
  • Tapioca with chicken and catupiry, a thin layer of tapioca flour filled with chicken and Brazilian soft cheese
  • Veggie mini pies made with dairy free coconut milk and gluten free cassava flour
  • Pão de queijo, our must have cheese bread made with gluten free cassava flour 
  • Romeu e Julieta mini crackers, fresh made Brazilian cheese with guava paste
  • Tapioca with condensed milk and coconut
  • Cassava creamy cake
Below you can see Bellas hand drawings and the book cover that the whole collection was inspired from. The art of instruction is her intro to her adulthood as a designer. A much more polished and instructed collection. It is a collection about the femininity of the flowers and the boldness of all women. It is a book from the 19th and 20th centuries so, it definitely gives a vintage soul to all the pieces. Since day 01 I wanted Bellina Caetano to be the brilliance of the modern women in every aspect of their life. It is a tool to empower and inspire new projects. 
All pieces are handmade in Brazil by almost 200 hands that are involved most women but also great men who gives all the support needed with the more rough work with the first stages of the stones. 
**All members will have 15% discount to shop that day for all pieces from the 2019 Collection The Art of Instruction 
**10% of all purchases will be donated to Young Picassos, Bellina Caetano art project at Kelly Branch Library in Englewood


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